Plunkett Award Press Release

Feckenham Community Shop in Worcestershire
has won a prestigious award from the Plunkett Foundation

The Feckenham community rallied to open a village shop in 2009 after 20 years without one. Following a successful community effort, the shop now thrives thanks to its volunteer involvement and the contribution it makes to community life.  The community’s efforts have now been recognised by the Plunkett Foundation who has announced it as the winner of the ‘Rewarding Volunteers’ category sponsored by CAN Invest in its first UK Community Shop Awards, designed to recognise the very best examples of community shops from across the UK.  The winners were announced at a ceremony on Wednesday 26th June in Oxfordshire.  James Alcock, Head of Frontline at Plunkett Foundation said: “Feckenham community shop represents a fantastic example of community enterprise. Winning the ‘Rewarding Volunteers’ award clearly demonstrates a community shop at the top of its game.  We wish them every success for the future.” 

Community shops are sustainable, democratic forms of businesses that succeed where commercial ventures have failed. In a climate that sees around 400 commercial village shops close each year, community-owned shops not only represent a better form of business, they directly respond to some of the key challenges facing rural communities today like lack of services and isolation.

Plunkett Foundation is the only national organisation supporting the development of community-owned shops. Today in the UK there are 311 open and trading, and in the past 20 years only 13 have ever closed, giving the model a 96% success rate – which compares extremely favourably with the average 5 year survival rate of small businesses in the UK, which is at around 47% (Office for National Statistics).